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Leaders as Working Parents



Beginnings - the world is my oyster

Born in Spain, I moved to Mexico at a young age, then to Wales (UK) in my early teens, followed by Austria and Germany, and then to Florida (USA) in my twenties… Since then, I have not looked back, making the world a place to continuously learn and adapt, absorb and integrate. Today London is home, but change is in my nature; I simply love the process of growth and development.

Desiring to be more - in search of excellence
My early experiences supported my curiosity and inquisitiveness, attention to detail and respect for existing norms and behaviours. Connecting through culture and language. Never afraid to follow a dream, my career took priority and I pursued various specializations to ensure my knowledge was always up-to-speed. I saw hospitality as my playground in service of others, so I undertook a postgraduate degree in hotel management from a prestigious Swiss School. I saw finance as impactful and logical, so l qualified as a Global Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA) prior to being promoted to an executive director role within Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts. In this company I evolved over 12 years and it served to further increase my cultural awareness with

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projects in Chicago and Baltimore (USA), the Caribbean, Russia and the UK.

Yet there was a further yearning that was not being fulfilled and no time to look within … until my health started to suffer.

Thus in 2018, I knew a change was required, though this time into the unknown. Rather than follow a predictable career path, it required something more personal, more authentic and more daring. I asked myself - how to start? where to go? what to do? 

Energy flows where the attention goes
These questions required an honest, humble and deep look within; just the incentive I needed to fly thousands of miles, to Singapore, to undertake an experiential leadership course. One conversation generated another, and before I knew it, I dived deep into the world of coaching with one of the pioneering coaching schools. What a journey!

I learned to grow my emotional agility, flexibility and openness in the body, yet also allowing space for drive and stability. Breathing the sense of gratitude and satisfaction, fulfillment from within, I could have not asked for more.

Be Furthermore - a partnership of possibilities
Greater inner awareness has resulted in my seeing more, being more … ultimately being empowered to do more and go further, for myself and those around me.

Today, as a mother of two under-fives, I embody many of the tools of coaching, thus enabling stronger connections, strengthening relationships and supporting the development of my own children at this key stage of their lives.

Whatever your current situation, I truly want the same for you! Are you ready to join me?

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"I started working with Ana as my role was fast evolving and increasing in scope. These few months with her were extremely useful as an independent and objective sounding board and space for me to reflect and digest. Her insights and challenge to consider different approaches meant that I was able to channel my concerns, still caring for what mattered to me whilst also appreciating what is under my control.
I look forward to continuing the work in the new year and would recommend her services to anyone who is looking to embrace change whilst staying true to themselves”

T.R. - Commercial Lead, Credit Products & Bank Services, Edinburgh, UK



Free, no obligation discovery call

30 minutes

We meet and decide if we can partner together. Coaching is most successful if we can build a trusting and open relationship. This is the main goal of this conversation.

You will experience some coaching, and I will answer any of your questions.

Setting the foundations

45-60 minutes

We will deep dive into your specific goals. You would have filled in a questionnaire to set the direction, and we'll fill in the gaps. We'll cover the process of coaching, each other's expectations and how to make the most of our time together during the sessions as well as in between.

Getting Started: Coaching Sessions

45-60minutes each

You will be in control of each session's topic, keeping your goals in mind yet allowing for flexibility to fit your most pressing needs. Coaching being a holistic process, we will explore any challenges and open up possibilities available to you. Each session will finish with a co-created practice to support you in your path, which will then determine when our following session will take place.

Feeling Complete

 45-60 minutes

During this session we will celebrate what has been accomplished, how your goals have been achieved and your presence shifted. We will consider what is next and your commitment moving forward.


Here to support you &

your team

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High performance
Career and Personal transitions
Personal empowerment


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